Dear RaJenBabies,

We have reached the twenty-nine week mark and I don’t know about you, but time sure seems to be going quickly here on the outside. 

Matou and I have been discussing names for each of you.  Not your real names – we have those picked out and call you by them all the time – but names for the Internet to know you by.  And part of the reason this conversation has gone on so long is because we wanted them to be Good and Right names.  And then we realized that we can give you Internet names now, and they don’t have to stick forever.  We can change them.  So, Baby A, baby boy, for the forseeable future, you are Eagle.  And Baby B, baby girl, you will be Birdie.  And this is because Matou is in the golf business and they were fun.  And because your Aunt Trish and Uncle Adam already took Putter, which is your cousin’s Internet name. 

Speaking of golf, Matou’s work threw us a shower, mostly a diaper shower, but you got other stuff, as well.  Two of her co-workers made this cute diaper cake.  And it only took us about an 20 minutes to disassemble it once we got home.  And it’ll only take you about 3 days to go through the diapers that built it up. 

Diaper Cake!

After the shower, Johnny, the guy who personally wrapped one of your gifts, and Matou took the presents out to the car – in a golf cart.  How appropriate.  It was a photo opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. 

Baby Shower At The Golf Course

Last week, we had a check-in on you on the RJB-TV.  At 28 weeks and 1 day (28w1d), Eagle boy, it was estimated that you were a whoppin’ 2lb15oz, finally surpassing your sister who was 2lb13oz.  This puts you both around two weeks ahead of schedule in weight, with an average length of 15.5 inches – each. 

You both continue to be positioned head down, which is great for when we deliver, but sometimes I worry that when I sit upright – which is most of the day, all day long – that I am squishing your heads even as you squish on my bladder and cervix.  If I’m causing any discomfort for you, I sure am sorry about that. 

You remain quite active and we can really feel your bottom’s or feet or elbows or knees more prominently now.  Sometimes, when I look at my belly, it looks like a wave is crossing from one side to the other.  At RJB-TV time, you were facing each other, like you were already telling brother/sister secrets.  It was so cute. 

Matou continues to be our hero.  She is working so hard and doing so much and especially patient and tolerant of the fact that I’m pretty tired by the end of the day and am not much good for visiting.  Do you know that she won an award and was presented with it in San Antonio?  Of course you do!  That was the first night she spent away from us and it was pretty hard on us, but I am so proud of her. 

As for me, well, I’m doing pretty well, although, I will admit, it’s starting to get tough.  Not that I would trade it for the world!  Our doctor called yesterday and said my iron was too low so I need to start taking supplements.  Which to me just means you are getting what you need, so I am happy to add more so that I have enough, too.  And she also said I failed my 1 hour glucose screen – the initial test for gestational diabetes – so I need to go in in the next day or so to take the 3 hour test.  Sorry for that jolt of sugar that you’ll get.  Hopefully, I won’t have gestational diabetes, but even if I do, it’s completely manageable with diet and/or insulin so we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t affect you. 

You’re nursery is all but complete.  We need to order the blinds and buy some hardware to hang the valance.  Grandma G will be here in a few weeks for my birthday and she is going to help with your laundry and last minute organizing.  We even got your rug, but we’re waiting until Matou finishes the floors in the hallway before we put that down.

We have most of your gear, too, thanks to the generosity of our friends and family and co-workers. It is such a blessing that people are so excited for the arrival of the two little miracles that you are.  And to think, that is in 60 days or less.  But we’re going for the max, ok?  No matter how uncomfortable you or I get, we’re going for the max. 

Hugs and Love,

Mommy and Matou