Dear RaJenBabies,

Today, we reach a pretty major milestone together: we have made it to the third trimester!  Matou and I sang Happy Birthday to you this morning, with the dogs wagging their tales in rhythm, to celebrate 27 Weeks.  It’s just one of those things we do.  And you’ll think it’s cute for a while.  And then you’ll turn eleven and we’ll be completely uncool. 

Your eyelids have been fused shut ever since God brushed them on.  But sometime this week or next, you’ll open your eyes and your retinas will start practicing receiving light and sending signals to your brain to form images.  And it gives us great joy to know that as you practice this thing called sight, the first person you’ll see is your sibling. 

Speaking of Joy, that was the social worker’s name who came and did our home study on Sunday.  It was a wonderful visit, very easy going.  She asked lots of questions about me and Matou and how we met and our support system and our families.  I guess it was so easy because me and Matou love each other so much, and creating the two of you has brought us so much closer together, and because we are blessed to have the friends and family that we have. 

We continue to get things ready for your arrival, some directly related to the two of you, and other things directly related to the fact that once you arrive we will not have time or energy to do them – like organize closets and wash windows.  Slowly but surely, and more slowly than in earlier weeks, we are crossing things off our list. 

Your room is starting to come together.  The chair that we plan to spend countless hours reading stories together finally came in.  But it was defective.  I took this as an opportunity to “go-with-the-flow” and not be too irritated by it.  We’ve got time for them to replace it, so no worries.  I’m learning that we can make plans, but expecting the unexpected is the best plan of all. 

You are both as active as ever, albeit with very distinct waking and sleeping times.  Sometimes one of you moves while the other rests, and other times, you are both moving in there.  From the outside, it can look like the foil bubble of stove top popcorn popping.  And if we listen really closely, we’d swear it sounds like you’re already saying, “Hey you, get out of my womb.”  And that’s ok, because sometimes it’s difficult to get your tongue and your teeth to distinguish those W’s and R’s. 


Mommy and Matou