A couple weeks ago, I published a post about a gorgeous dog, Copper** and her mom, Trish, who is a seminary student and pastoral intern at our church.  Well guess what, Internet?  She’s got a blog up now called Sacred Ambiguity.  And she’s posting a Lenten study, just in time for folks sobering up from Mardi Gras.  Visit the site when you get a chance.  I’ve also got it on my Blogroll at right.  She’s witty, insightful, and flat out REAL.  The kind of person you’re glad to have on your side whether or not you’re on the fringes of society or sanity or spirituality. 

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**And then the dogshit hit the fan because I was promptly scolded by the parents of another dog friend, Tucker, a precious beagle friend we’ve known almost as long as we’ve lived in this town.  And I’m sure, maybe, secretly, the parents of our dog friends, Maggie and Kirby, were equally pshawing me.  I WOOFED UP!