Dear RaJenBabies,

I wish you could see how much my belly has grown on the outside. It’s amazing sometimes to catch a reflection of myself and see this protected mound, sheltering you while you grow in my womb.
Bellyshot 25w0d on January 23, 2008.

Matou and I are growing in other ways, too. We’re learning about how tough parenting decisions can be – like which day care we will choose to watch over you in our absence. Should we go with the reasonably priced small one in the neighborhood where you’ll be exposed to bilingual caretakers? Or should we take you to the more expensive, more established place that has a more formal curriculum? We’re also growing in exciting parenting ways – like meeting with an adoption attorney so that we are both legally your mommies. You’re not even here yet and we’re already practicing.

Just like the two of you are practicing things inside my belly: like breathing/swallowing and flipping and kicking. But we’re not the only one’s growing. You are both growing by leaps and bounds. We hadn’t seen you since December 12, so it was so wonderful to take a peek in this past Monday.

Sweet son, Baby A, you have your head firmly planted against my bladder “grinding away” as the doctor said. And when your head wasn’t there, it was against my cervix. Your little bottom is about even with my belly button, but on my left side. And your legs and feet go up towards my ribs. You are facing my right side, spooning your sister. (But sometimes, we saw you bumping your head against her back, too.)

Sweet daughter, your head is low in my belly, too, and you are also facing to my right. And your feet and hands are up by your head, like a pike position in a high dive. Which is very athletic of you, but I hope you’ll stretch out a bit so you can block off some space as you and your brother grow and the space you share gets smaller.

The doctor said you are measuring about 13 inches – EACH! And there are a mere 5 grams separating your current weights, so you both sit at 1 pound and 12 ounces – EACH! I will confess that I was a bit prideful when the doctor said you were both growing so very well. Matou and I were quite pleased to hear that since we’ve worked very hard on keeping me and the two of you well nourished and hydrated.

Matou is been amazing. She works so hard at her work, and then she comes home and works so hard to take care of us. This past weekend, your Papa Jimmy picked up your cribs and brought them to our house. And then we worked as a team to put your cribs together – me, reading the instructions, and Matou doing the putting-together. And then we just stood by one another, arm in arm, looking at your room, with the pretty yellow walls.

We didn’t say much out loud, but I bet you tasted every bit of honey dripping off our hearts.

Mommy & Matou