Dear RaJenBabies,

According to an online site that discusses fetal development, your tastebuds are developing, so I’m going to try and get various cuisine’s in over the next several weeks to acclimate your palate. Lunch today: Mexican food.  Lunch tomorrow: Japanese.  And some time this weekend: Thai. 

Your lungs are beginning to develop tiny little broccoli trees whose cells will make surfactant, a thingamajiggy that will help your air sacs inflate easily.  But right now, your lungs are more like those Space Saver bags, all closed up and not very strong yet.  From here to 26 weeks, every day that you remain in my womb increases your survival rate 2%-3% per day.  So that’s our next big goal, okay?  Not our final goal, but the next one. 

Not that I think you are coming out any time soon.  It seems with your activity level that you are perfectly content in there.  I read that my uterus is the size of a soccer ball about now, but that’s with just one baby, so I guess that’s why I feel a little more basketball-ish.  Or maybe two rugby football-ish.  It used to be that it felt like each of you were doing this in there, but now, it feels more like this

Lots going on at your future home.  Matou has finished painting.  The concrete floor is sealed.  We’ve got a social worker home study visit scheduled.  We have a meeting scheduled with an attorney.  We’ve got daycare center tour/interviews set up.  We’ve made calls on prospective nanny’s and night-nurses.  Your Papa Jimmy will be bringing your cribs this weekend.  We’re ordering your mattresses and car seats soon.  But like I said before, we’ll take care of all that boring adult stuff.  You RJBs just focus on growing and developing. 

We also did a hospital tour and saw the place where you’ll spend your first days of life.  The downside was they don’t have wireless internet, so THAT RIGHT THERE is reason for us not to end up on hospital bedrest, okay?  We’ll want to be in and out.  And anyway, home will be so much more fun. 

In the next seven days, we’ll go see the maternal-fetal specialist to get a good look at your hearts.  Based on the 19 week lookie, we expect everything to look great.  Except this time, I imagine the love we have for you reflecting back at us through the chambers of your hearts will be five weeks worth more glowy. 

With thousands of mirrors of Love,

Mommy & Matou