Bellyshot 23w4d on January 13, 2008.

  •  I can see the RJBs move on the outside now.  They are very, very active at pretty regular times.  Matou can play with them now, and, coincidentally or not, they respond to her.  I could stare at my belly all day long.
  • Finding a daycare, a good one available in six months, is a challenge.  Particularly for two infants.  Not that we didn’t know that that would be the case.  I just didn’t expect it to seem more elusive than, say, having Brad Pitt be your sperm donor.  
  • We’ve made an appointment with an adoption attorney.  So far, you know, other than preparing to have two babies, meeting with an attorney seems so, like, adult.
  • Saturday, we had a late lunch and then went to the Galleria.  We shopped and looked and walked.  For five hours.  My body was pretty miserable after.  I should have cut the trip short, but I didn’t.  That’s the least adult thing I’ve done.  This weekend.  
  • I think my boobs are going through another growth spurt.  
  • If you have wedding rings that just don’t fit well, do not try to force them on for a picture like I did.  I nearly pulled off the top joint trying to pull them off.  Even with soap and oil and moisturizer to lubricate the process.  Invest in a good, sturdy chain of some sort and wear them around your neck, close to your heart.  This all probably seems like a “well-duh!” to you.  But pregnancy has turned my brain to Fruit Pebbles and so I forget the logical stuff.
  • This has been a great time to do spring cleaning in the closet.  But I’ve had to remember not get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit.  Just the ones that I hadn’t worn in a long time, pre-pregnancy.  And the ones I’ll probably never get into again. I mean, seriously, why have I been hanging onto my size 4 black skirt for so long?  I haven’t worn it in at least that many years.    
  • A mobility-saving indulgence?  Prenatal massage.  It is soooooooo effin’ worth it.
  • That whole thing about your feet getting wider due to swelling and or ligaments relaxing is true.  It’s not that I didn’t believe it, it’s just that I didn’t believe it would happen to me.  But when your feet get kinda muffin-top looking after wearing heels, it’s time to change shoes.  I now take a pair of “dressy” flip-flops with me to work.  And if any of the guys say anything, I’ll go mama-bear on them.
  • Shoes
    These will be on the shelf more than they’ll be on my feet for the foreseeable future.