• Since we were in Mexico, we were late in taking a belly picture, too. Usually we take those on a Sunday evening, but this one had to be taken on Wednesday night which just so happens to be exactly 19 weeks old.  And since I forgot to post this post when I meant to, I’ve also included our regular Sunday programming photo at 19w4d.

Bellyshot: 19w0d.

Bellyshot: 19w4d.

  • I’ve noticed that my forehead doesn’t get oily like it used to. It used to be that someone might be able to reapply lipstick using the sheen of my afternoon forehead as a mirror. Now it’s not. I guess this is what it’s like to have “normal” skin.
  • I’ve been getting physical therapy and massages for the issue primarily located in my piriformis muscle, the muscle mass that extends from the bottom of my tailbone (sacrum) to the hip/femur connector, otherwise known as the source of my left-side ass pain.  We located the source at my last PT session and worked to “reboot” the muscle, so my pain has been more of a 5 today instead of the usual 7 or so.  I can’t wait to see the massage therapist again and have her work on that spot specificially.  Nevertheless, it’s all a small price to pay in pain for growing healthy twins.
  • Why is it that people want to tell a pregnant woman their horror stories about labor, birth, or pregnancy?  I had to cut one young mother off at Christmas Party when, she started to alarmingly tell me how she and her brother were twins and when they were born he couldn’t breathe and almost died.
  • As my pregnancy progresses, the heels I wear become shorter, and the (maternity) pants I have get become longer.  So two weeks ago, I took two pair to get altered.  I picked them up last Friday.  I put my black pants on Sunday evening to wear to a Christmas party.  AND THEY DIDN’T FIT.  WTF?
  • I have learned not to wear socks with strong elastic at the top.  Ugh.  Maybe I’ll post a picture sometime.   Let’s just say it looked like a crime scene.
  • Regarding underwear:  yes, there are the (under the belly) maternity bikini panties that sell well at maternity stores.  I bought some.  But they tend to ride up the crack, hear me?  I much prefer my Jockey cotton bikini cut panties in a size larger than I used to be.  Comfy. 
  • Speaking of a larger size…at a Christmas party on Saturday night, my stepmother-out-law and a friend of hers told me that they were going to get a sign for me to wear that said “Wide Load”.  Nice.  And my sister told me of some extended family members that told her they were going to get her a t-shirt that said “I’m not fat.  I’m pregnant.”  WHAT IS WITH THESE PEOPLE?!