Here’s a quick wrap-up of our vacation: Fun. Perfect weather. Met nice people. Relaxing.

If you have a little longer, though, it went more like this:The Beloved took the perros, Molly & Maggie, to Foxmoor Kennel on Tuesday morning. With a night at home, alone, with no dogs to tend to…we packed for the trip. Next morning, we slept in all the way until 5:30 a.m. and arrived quite early for our flight. But better safe than sorry, especially when you have six days of paradise waiting on your arrival.

Our flight to Phoenix was uneventful and we had a one hour layover there before hopping another flight to Cabo San Lucas. But as it turned out, that was really just enough time to haul my pregnant ass from one end of the desert to the other.

When we boarded, I realized I wouldn’t have a window seat, something I usually need to help me keep my equilibrium in the case of turbulents or those occasions when the pilot takes a seemingly hard turn. I mean, really, with so many miles to travel, do they have to turn that hard JUST AFTER TAKEOFF?  So when we got to our row, I kindly asked the super cute guy if he wouldn’t mind giving me his window seat. And graciously, he did.

As we all got buckled in, I asked the Beloved for my iPod bag. But I never opened it, because we started chatting with the Super Cute Guy, also known as Chad. And we hit it off with Chad and talked and talked and talked, the three of us. So much, and such a nice time we had that before we knew it, we had landed in Cabo. I guess that’s what those Concorde flights were like back in the day.  As we landed, we exchanged email and phone numbers and promised to try to get together over the next few days.  I guess I was totally distracted by our delightful conversation, and filling out Customs forms and such that I didn’t notice ALL MY IPOD STUFF fell to the floor (and I didn’t figure it out until 3 days later).   

We arrived to the resort by 3:00 p.m. and by 4:30 p.m. we were poolside. 


Activity poolside, that is.  Where the kids tend to be.  We chose that location for three reasons. One, the adult pool was riddled with completely annoying and primarily drunk and smoking 25- to 40-somethings.  (My, how my priorities have changed!)  And to top it off, it was about 300 of them.  And they were SALES PEOPLE – And all that comes with the most negative connotation of the personalities of ThoseThatExceedTheirTargetsAndGetToGoOnCompanyPaidTripsAsAReward. 

Two, we figured we might as well acclimate ourselves to the Family pool and all the crying, laughing, floaties, cooing, sleeping, diapers, sunscreen, and parents that come with that.  We decided we’d take a crying baby over a drunk adult any day. 

And Three, well, hello…the angle of the sun?! 

I’m not typically a beach person (we took one stroll on the beach while there), because, well, the sand is dirt.  And I don’t like to be dirty.  And yes, we recognize that we’ll have to do beach vacations with the kids as they grow, and we’ll pretend to like the sand for their sake.  Just like we’ll pretend to like medicine when we’re trying to convince them that their medicine is “mmmmm…good!” 

And I’m not even really a pool person, a water thing I guess I have that I still haven’t sought therapy for.  Because let’s face it, that is SO FAR DOWN THE LIST of things for which I could use a therapy gift-certificate.  But let me tell you, I LOVED THE POOL!  It was the one place I have been that I could find relief for my back/hip pain.  And it felt so fluid and natural.  It felt like me and the RJBs were just floating and swimming and swimming and floating.  And it was wonderful. 

Friday morning, I woke up pre-sunrise and took my tripod and camera down to some rocks. I set it up and took some timed photos of the sunrise. I don’t have those uploaded now, but it was fun project. The most spectacular part about it? The entrance of the sun. Oh, how Diva the sun was. And the waves, it’s biggest fan. Just before sunrise, the tide grew stronger and stronger, throwing waves against the rocks to announce the impending arrival of the sun.  And even the birds joined in. Pelicans and gulls sweeping low against the surf, their silhouettes a flash against the waning dawn sky. And then the sun peeked out of the horizon as if to be certain that the fanfare was sufficiently grand. 


And the waves applauded louder still against the rocks and surf. And then, as the sun entered the sky, its as if the waves knew their role was now secondary, and they retreated, crests humbly bowed down, allowing the sun to shine its rays upon the day in the quietude that  something so strong, so vital, so supreme most certainly deserves.With a morning opening like that, it was all we could do to rest by the pool the remainder of the day.

On Saturday, the major variation was that we took a shuttle into town to meet Chad and his travel buddy, Rob, for dinner.  There was so much about it that was memorable.  Like the fact that we were meeting some guys who we hardly knew, in a foreign country, for dinner.  Or like the shuttle dropping us off in front of Squid Row and then just figuring out how to get to this restaurant.  And how we had to walk through the marina and then across a beach to find the place (because we didn’t want to do the easy thing and take a cab).  The Beloved said she felt like maybe we had just crash landed and we were carrying our luggage across the beach.  Wearing formals.  And heels.  While the locals laughed.  Or like accepting a ride back to our hotel from Chad and Rob. 

Chad is a real-estate developer based out of Phoenix.  He’s our age and has a great, sweet heart.  His friend, Rob from southern California, is equally interesting.  They met through a mutual friend and learned that they traveled well together.  And so this was one of those trips.  Rob’s story is amazing: he worked for an airline, writing security software, spending 9-5 in an office, and not liking being behind a desk.  Upon returning from a vacation in London, when he was 30, he fell into a coma and no one found him for three days.  He had spinal meningitis and was paralyzed from the waist down.  The airline ultimately gave him early retirement with full benefits and salary and free travel anywhere and anytime.  And just like that, he had all the time and financial freedom he ever wanted – but for the price of being a paraplegic.  And he’d give it all up to walk again.  Oh, the conversations were wonderful and we are completely blessed to have met them both!

Rob, Me, the Beloved, Chad. Dinner at The Office, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. December 8, 2007.

On Sunday, we slept in until 6:00 a.m. and then enjoyed breakfast overlooking the Sea of Cortez. It was how we spent each morning, the Beloved doing her NYT Crossword puzzle, me dog-earing every other page of Baby Bargains Secrets. And then switching. After that, we took a cab to Cabo Del Sol, the #1 rated golf course in all of Mexico, and one of the top 100 golf courses in the world. I don’t know that kind of stuff off the top of my head. But the staff there said it enough times that now I can’t forget. It was nice, but to be honest – and I’m probably going to get scolded by the Golf Professional Beloved for this – playing at Manele Bay on the island of Lanai was much more spectacular. Well, I didn’t really play at Cabo Del Sol. I hit a couple balls while the Beloved was warming up, and after that I just enjoyed the scenery and had great pleasure in watching the Beloved do something that she loves.
At The Putting Green, Cabo Del Sol’s Ocean Course.

Monday, we did the same thing as Friday, except that I did have to do some work. From Cabo. On vacation. But it wasn’t too bad. Working a few hours by the pool with the Beloved at my side is not a bad day at the office, you know? We had wonderful talks – about the dogs, about the RJBs, about parenting, about Christmas. It was welcomed quality time despite both of us being a little bit homesick. Maybe it was the dogs we left behind. Maybe it’s that we were anticipating our next ultrasound the day after we got back. Nevertheless, a warning to the newly pregnant: if you think you are in Nesting Mode, do NOT take a long trip to a foreign country.

We spent some time walking around the resort, enjoying the company of one another. The Beloved played with her new camera and we went over things like f-stops and shutter speeds. Here’s one that she took of some cactus in the area. Very artistic, indeed.
Prickly! Westin Los Cabos. Courtesy of The Beloved.

On Monday, I was awakened at 4:15 a.m. by a spectacular Pacific-coast thunderstorm. It apparently rarely rains there this time of year, but it dumped two inches. It was clear by 10 a.m. or so, but the storm was amazing. This is a photo, taken by the Beloved, looking down from our balcony post-storm.
After The Storm. Westin Los Cabos. Courtesy of The Beloved.

It was a wonderful vacation. Exclusive time with the Beloved is a luxury in our typically busy days. And it will only become more challenging when the RJBs arrive. But we’ll keep quality time together a priority. And we’ll be sure to honor that space and the time with one another, as much as the time as a family of six (perros included). And for all the chaotic times that will come between, we’ll have this vacation to look back upon with grateful hearts and rested souls.