Bellyshot: 17w4d.

Time is starting to go by quickly. I think more due to the holidays than being pregnant. It always happens this time of year: a ton more to do with seemingly less time. But it’s all good.

My used-to-be-innie is now half-way-outtie. And my belly has POPPED! It seems like I get bigger every day and I feel pregnant in a different kind of I-feel-pregnant-kind-of-way. Not so much the bloaty, thick and tired experience of the latter half of the first trimester, but now more of a I-think-that-might-have-been-stomach-bile, I-actually-look-pregnant, I-can-park-in-the-grocery-store-Stork-spot-without-getting-glares experience.

And I can occasionally and ever-so-slightly feel the RJBs now, and each time it renders me speechless, but with a little sly grin like I’m in on a secret no one else knows about. Or like the grin you’d wear when you just won the lottery but went to the office anyway.

I discovered the belly band this week. I’ve always known about them, but it didn’t occur to me to try one out until I had to start wearing that SI belt contraption. The belly band is a good maternity support belt hider. Now I want one in every color.