Monday, I went to lunch with the guys.  Had a marginal enchilada, a darn good taco, and delicious salsa and chips.  But apparently I ate just slightly over what my slowly compressing stomach could handle.  Because after I paid for my lunch, I walked outside to wait for the guys, coughed a little, and threw up!  It came out of nowhere.  Just a little hack-hack-hack-salsaandstomachacid projecting out of the mouth.  It was hilariously embarrassing and I am just sooooo glad the guys were still inside and that no one else was in the parking lot.  I quickly walked to our car and acted interested in the birds in the tree. 

I went to physical therapy this morning for my pelvis/back/hips issue.  I have been in a great amount of pain for about seven weeks and my mobility has been declining during that time.  I move around like a turtle.  Like a turtle born of a turtle and a sloth.  That had arthritis. 

Thankfully, my joints are aligned and in decent order.  But she wants me to wear a SI maternity belt to keep things stable.  I’ve got it on over my pants but under my sweater and shirt and not it’s not exactly a pretty accessory, but I’ve been wearing it a couple hours now and I can actually get up from my chair in less than excruciating pain.  She also gave me some stretches to do and when I go back in two weeks she’ll also teach the Beloved a couple of them since as I get bigger I won’t be able to reach, say, my ANKLE, without assistance.  And apparently I am VERY VERY tight in my hips and lower back and the physical therapist said prenatal massage is a must.  In all my visits to a physical therapist over the years, that is the best assignment I’ve ever been given. 

 And lastly, I FELT THE RJBs (RaJenBabies) moving this mid-morning!!!!!!!!!!  It felt like what it would feel like if you had a small glass of water inside your lower abdomen and someone blew air into the glass through a straw.  I’m hoping it’s not their complaint against the SI belt.