Dear RaJenBabies,

We missed you soooooooooo much, having not seen you on the baby tv for six hundred and seventy two hours – not that we were counting.

You both looked great. Baby A, you showed us how you could do front flips – continuously. And Baby B, you were a little more quiet – as usual – but you did tuck your knees into a canonball position and then threw us a little wave, just as you were about to jump off the diving board. You both seemed pretty busy in there, all that moving around and such. It’ll be pretty neat when I can feel you. And it’ll be neater when your mom can feel you, too.

It was pretty amazing to see your vertebrae and the bones in your arms and legs. Even seeing those tiny fingers is just miraculous. We didn’t measure you or your heartrates since we’ll be seeing the perinatologist – (that’s a big word for a doctor that has a much better baby tv) – in a few weeks, but we’re told you’re nearing five inches long and weighing about 3 1/2 ounces each.  Which is good to know because you’re in your own little ziplocks and you’ll be cleared as carry-on luggage when we go to Mexico next week.  

This week, you’ll start to put on some fat to help regulate your temperature for when after you are born.  And we read that you can start hearing soon.  So I’m working on adding music to my iPod playlists in preparation.  Given the diverse and differing tastes in music that your mom and I have, you’ll be hearing just about every genre of music that is out there in the coming months. 

I love looking down at my belly and knowing there’s about nine inches worth of babies growing inside my belly.  That’s about the length of a standard-size envelope! 

And I love knowing that it’s the two of you.

Loving you from the outside,

Your Momz