Dear RaJenBabies,

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since we’ve seen you last. Sometimes I get so worried. And sometimes I’m just blanketed with absolute calm.

This week, you are approximately 4.5 inches, which is about as long as the sunglasses I wear. Your hair is starting to grow now, too. I wonder what color it will be? I wonder what color your eyes will turn out? Your ears are almost in their correct position and within a couple weeks you’ll be able to hear me when I sing to you, or when your mom uses my bellybutton as a megaphone to talk to you, or when I think real hard to my insides how much we love you both already. Can you hear that? That’s what love sounds like.

We’re going to see your grandmother and great-grandmother on your mom’s side this holiday. It’s Thanksgiving in a couple days, you know. Thanksgiving holiday is a time where traffic snarls and airline queues expand. It’s a time for gathering around a table with family and friends and remembering all the things we are grateful for. But if we can help it, we’ll teach you to be grateful and to count your blessings every day, not just a couple days a year.

You wanna know a secret? I’m going to let your great-grandmother, Maw Maw, touch my belly so you can feel what she feels like. She’s five foot nothing to a grasshopper and the closest thing to an angel this side of Heaven.

I best get going. Your mom and I are packing last minute items before we get on your first plane.

We love you the most!

Your Momz