Here’s Molly (left) and Maggie (right) holding court off the front porch.  There is a church just down the street from our house and let’s just say that every Sunday and Wednesday are like revivals.  I get antsy when our church service goes over 80 minutes, but these folks are there from before we leave for breakfast, until after we’ve gone to church and run a kajillion errands.  Sometimes, when the weather is nice, we’ll get lunch – like, say, Popeye’s Fried Chicken – and sit on the stoop and listen to the preacher and the choir.  Yes, you can hear both from our stairs.  Molly and Maggie enjoy these moments because they get to see the cars go by on the street.  And because they can grab any crumbs that fall onto the ground. 

The girls are going to be boarded for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The Beloved dropped them off this morning.  And I miss them already.  Tonight will be a very quiet night at our house.

And with less dog hair.