Dear RaJenBabies,

You are beginning your 15th week.  It’s pretty miraculous to think I have eight inches worth of babies in my belly.  If we could see you now, you’d have really thin skin and we could see your blood vessels and you’d look like a map.  I secretly think that these are Divine instructions with which to raise you, but God’s sense of humor is such that by the time you are completely baked, we can’t read the handbook anymore. 

Your bones are starting to get stronger now, and I’m eating lots of Oreos and drinking nearly a gallon of milk a week to help you along.  Even tiny parts of you are growing and forming now.  Like your taste buds.  I sure hope they are numerous and your palates are diverse, because between a Spanish mom from South Texas and a mom from South Louisiana, let me tell you, WE LOVE FOOD!

So you probably already know this, but you’re getting another cousin!  Baby V #2 (BV2) is as old as you are apart from BV2s due date – 7 weeks and 3 days.  That’s right!  E!’s going to get a little sibling!  Which means that your aunt and I are pregnant together, and it is really fun to instant message with her about things like furniture and toys and all the body changes that your mom would rather I didn’t discuss on my blog. 

You’ve probably noticed that my cold is getting better, since I’m not sneezing and coughing as much and therefore not disrupting your alternating slumber and calisthenics.  You’re barely three ounces together, so I can’t feel you yet.  Although, yesterday, I had this two second long flutter that felt like a hard cat purr, pretty centralized about two inches below my bellybutton – was that one of you?  Or maybe it was gas.  Either is as likely as the other. 

Speaking of my bellybutton, do you think you could somehow stop pushing my belly button out?  It’s starting to peek out from the top and it’s kinda freaking me out.  Growing a belly and boobs is one thing, but seeing this foreign object appearing after 33 years is another thing altogether. 

Your Momz