Dear RaJenBabies,

By the end of this 14th week, you will be nearly 4 inches long – which is about the length of my 30G iPod and about the same length as my Black.berry, both of which I use quite frequently.  Those two devices are very much a part of my every single day.  The iPod plays music for me throughout my workday, and I look at it pretty often considering it seems that my boss always walks in the moment an inappropriate rap song is bumping away.  The iPod also contains 4 of my favorite movies for those just-in-case moments caught waiting – like at the doctor’s office.  And my black.berry has all my contacts and routes both my work and my personal email accounts.  I don’t even know phone numbers anymore.  My black.berry does that for me.  Those two items, the size of you, (along with my Rev.lon Color.Stay  Overtime Liquid lipcolor in Eternally Tan) go with me practically everywhere. 

As much we can’t wait to meet you, I sure am glad you are snug in the womb, oblivious to the world outside your balloons.  Because guess what, kids?  I’m sick.  I thought it was going to be strep throat, but turns out it’s more like an icky upper respiratory tract infection.  I completely apologize for all those turbulents I’m causing your balloons – on the outside, those are called sneezes.  It feels refreshing to sneeze, you’ll see.  Do you know I’ve been trying at least 25 years to keep my eyes open when I sneeze and I still can’t do it?  That’s called stubbornness persistence. 

Oh, that vibrating you felt ever so slightly this morning?  That was the dentist drilling a hole in my molar so he could put a filling in to repair my chipped tooth.  I tried to take as little anesthetic as possible so as not to affect the two of you, but it sure did make me crawl around the ceiling feeling all that activity on an exposed root.  I tried to take a sip of water just recently, but it just ran down my chin – and we don’t have any spit-up rags yet so a shirtsleeve had to suffice. 

I’m sitting here looking at my hands in complete awe that your fingerprints are starting to form this week.  I wonder if they’ll be swirly all around, or if they’ll have hash-marks like mine, as if the angels were putting their rulers down to measure the swirls and the lines stayed just so.  Whatever they look like, they will be yours alone, your unique stamp from the Heavens. 

Be well, little iPod!  Stay snug, little Black.berry!

Your Momz