The navel ring was a really cool thing when I got it, me and my sister, the night of her college graduation, walking down 6th Street with our brother, her now-husband, and the Beloved. My sister wanted a navel ring, but she wanted me to go first. OK. And never did I consider, as a hook went through my bellybutton, that it would bejewel anything other than a flat tummy of my early 20s. That was before I had to remove it for a second shoulder surgery, after which I was left with one hole slightly above my button, and one hole hidden on the inside upper lip of my innie. And never did I consider that hidden hole would one day see the light of day around the 12th week of pregnancy, it now sitting above the button with the top hole even higher. I just knew there was a reason I never got that tattoo, these things shifting all around with a couple kiddles growing inside.

And finally, the first documented RaJenBabies BellyShot. Though not the kind of bellyshots once partaken on 6th Street.

Growing up/out

Bellyshot: 13w4d.