Dear RaJenBabies,

Today begins our eleventh week!  Your length is somewhere between that of a jumbo paper clip and the width of my iPod.  Earlier today, I read that you are somewhere between the size of a lime and a plum.  And that made me hungry. 

You’ve now officially graduated from Embryo status to Fetal status.  But don’t think that means a whole bunch of independence or anything.  We’ll be reminding you of that when you become teenagers – that you’re not automatically adults calling your own shots.  Gosh, that reminds me: I knew EVERYTHING back then. 

Apparently, you can now open and close your fists, and I’m sure you will exercise this miracle in your adolescence, to emphasize just how much you know, too.  And then, like me, you’ll probably spend the next 20+ years figuring out how little you know after all.  Life is inverse like that. 

Hopefully, though, we’ll set the example we’ve learned over time and teach you to use those hands to pull weeds for your elderly neighbor, and give a big hug in celebration or sadness, and pray with those hands, and use them to serve a meal at a soup kitchen, and hold someone’s hand in need, and use them for service to others in general.  Because one of the most important lessons is that we are part of a larger family that is at its best when we help each other. 

Your mom and I, we’re busy out here on the outside.  Lots of things to think about so we make sure you are taken care of for the long-haul, like Wills and Second-Parent adoption.  We’re thinking of hitting up your grandparents for gifts of gear.  We just know you both would be more successful at it than us, but we are kinda hoping to have everything ready well before you arrive, you know? 

In a lot of ways, even at Eleven Weeks, it seems like things are going really slow, like the speed at which you will eat as a brandnew-born, amidst falling asleep during a feeding.  You’ll kinda do that when you are bigger, too.  I can remember having high school Geometry class near a meal, and staying awake for proofs was so hard.  Or like yesterday?  I indulged in a sausage poboy and french fries and I was hardly back to the office and my eyes were really heavy.  And the  afternoon went by sooooooo sllllooooooowwww.  Just like Eleven Weeks.  

But in more ways than that, there seems to be so little time for all the things we need and want to do before we get to see you this side of the baby TV.  You are both at the beginning and ending of our every thought when we’re deciding what to do or where to go next.   Like we decided to fly to New Orleans for Thanksgiving instead of driving, to save us 16 hours of sitting (and a lot of potty breaks).  It’ll be your first airplane ride and, for the first time, you’ll get to meet your great-grandmother, maw-maw Betty.  Or like have I had enough protein today?  Or should I skip that meeting to give us some rest even though my head says I don’t need it?  Or like sifting through all the advice and stuff-you-need-and-don’t-need recommendations coming from every which direction.  Or, like who knew there was so much to think about for car seats and strollers?  Geez!  Selecting baby gear is not for the indecisive!

You know, RaJenBabies, I thought we’d do a lot better with not getting to see you this week, but it’s already a little bit hard. Ok, truth? It’s a lot hard.  I guess this is what it’ll feel like when you go on your first sleepover. Or maybe you’ll be a little bit like your Mom and stay for the party, but call us to pick you up when everyone goes to sleep.  And that would be perfectly ok with us. 


Your Momz