Dear RaJenBabies,

I’m not sure if you remember, but could you believe we had to wait so long for our appointment? And then that it would take as long as it did? You probably didn’t notice until around 10:30 when I hadn’t given you a snack. I mean, I know the IVF clinic told me they had spoiled us and that we would Wait in an OB office, but they should at least provide some vittles nearby. Next time, I promise to be more prepared.

We really liked our new doctor, did you? She answered all the questions we had about you and incubating you and the side-effects of that. Like, nosebleeds are normal, right? Yes, she said. And this lower back pain that makes me feel like my pelvis is coming unhinged from my spine? Yup, she says, not entirely uncommon.

It sure was good to see you on Tuesday! We didn’t get to hear your hearts beating this time, but there was no doubt with all that flickering light activity going on in your chest area. And speaking of activity, Baby A, what’s with the high-octane Bo? It was crazy how much you were moving around, arms swinging, legs kicking. I mean, stretching is good and all, but I hope you are getting some rest, too. Baby B, you made us a little nervous, because but for the flickering of your heart, you weren’t really moving – at all. But the OB reassured us that this is normal and that you were being quiet and resting. And not even before she finished saying that, you threw out a wave to us, and then went back to your napping. Kinda like the way your mom does on a Sunday afternoon amidst a nap and football or golf on tv. Your mom says Baby A is like me and that Baby B has her personality. We’ll see about that. I can tell you right now, though, if y’all could somehow fall in the middle, your life will be so much more manageable.

Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing what with all that growing. It’s hard to believe you are over an inch long now! We love you so much!


Your momz