Dear RaJenBabies,

On Saturday, I went out to a Mothers Of Multiples Buy-Sell event.  This is one of those underground network things you find out about when you are pregnant with more than one kiddle.  I decided to make the 27 mile one-way drive, because, well, I’ll walk and drive and run many more-a-mile for you when you’re here, so I figured it was a good time to start practicing.  But I’ll be real honest, it was overwhelming.  Oh, that’s a big word, isn’t it?  Sorry, let me say it in a way that you’ll understand: it was like being hungry, having a poo-poo diaper, and being cold all at the same time.  Of course, we’ll do everything we can to keep you from being in any of those states at once. 

It was as organized as you can be with 50+ sellers and 100+ buyers scrambling here and there to get their hands on THAT! ONE! THING!  It reminded me of what it might have been like had I ever won the shopping spree at To.ys R Us.  I was mostly too frozen to out-push the professional shoppers, but I did at least scoop up 2 packages of 40-count Newborn diapers for $9.00.  Which, by my calculation, will get us through nearly TWO. ENTIRE. DAYS.  I guess this is why most of those Multiples books I’ve read say to start buying diapers NOW.  Just so you know, though – if we can’t finance 100% of your college tuition, will have been partially responsible.  Well, them, and daycare.  On the bright side, you’ll be in 4th grade by the time I pay off my own student loans and you won’t be in such a situation when you are in your 40s.  Which leads me to your first lesson in economics: Don’t go to two private schools for your undergraduate and graduate education. 

Today, we got to see you both on ultrasound TV again.  Baby A, you were measuring 8w6d and your heart rate was 183.  Baby B, you were measuring 9w0d exactly and your heart rate was 178.  You were both just about one inch long.  Your mom and I kept asking question so we could watch you longer.  We’re sneaky like that. 

You were both bobbing your heads up and down and waving your arm and leg buds.  And that give me hope.  Because any rhythm you can muster will help you through your teenage years and any talent in that area will not have come from me. 

Today was our last day at the IVF clinic, the place that brought the Miracles of you to us.  Next week, we’ll go to a new doctor, the obstetrician who will care for us until you are born.  She will probably be the first person you see when you are born, and you’ll probably be crying.  But go ahead and let her have it.  After all, she’ll have been the one who poked and prodded us over the next several months.  But, we know she’ll take good care of us because she comes highly recommended by the IVF clinic we just graduated from. 

The sad part is that the new doctor won’t be spoiling us with ultrasounds and pictures as frequently as the IVF clinic which means we won’t get to see you as often.  In the in-between times, though, we’ll be loving you from the outside.  You can probably already feel how much we love you, right?  I mean, hello?  Chocolate cake?  Spicy chicken enchiladas?  Weekend naps?  Morning hugs? 

We’re pretty lucky, your mom and I.  Lucky to have the two of you, and lucky to have lots of love and support from our friends and family, our sherpas.  In fact, they’re loving you and helping to grow you too, just by being the blessings they are to us!  So you both just cozy up and focus on growing for now.  We’ll take care of the rest.