Today begins week Eight. That’s two months pregnant. Not much has happened, from the outside anyway.  In fact, the only visible indications have been that (a) after 33 years of living, I have finally sprouted breasts, and (b) I found myself using a breadstick to sop up the salad dressing out of a salad bowl at the Ol.ive Gar.den as the waiter was trying to remove it from the table.   It was a desperate moment.  In so many ways.  But I’ve had no morning sickness. Which means I’ll probably have horrible back pain, or children who’s sole purpose in life is to do the opposite of what I’d like for them to do.

Speaking of the kids, we got to see them (and hear them!) today at 8 weeks.  Baby A was measuring 8 weeks and 0 days with a heartrate of 163.  And Baby B was measuring 8 weeks and 1 day with a heartrate of 170.  They are both about 0.64 inches, which is about the width of a stick of gum.  Baby A did a little wiggle for us and we could see the umbilical cord.  I never thought I’d say this, but I could lay there with a transvaginal probe up there and watch them all day.  The clinic staff said as far as the babies are concerned, we couldn’t ask for anything better. 

I was hoping to be released from the IVF clinic today, since I have an appointment with my OB at 10 weeks.  But nooooooooooooo.  Today’s ultrasound also revealed a “teeny tiny” subchorionic bleed.  In worst cases, it can grow between the placenta and the uterine wall and cause a miscarriage.  But in most cases, they resolve themselves.  And the latter is the category I hope to fall into.  We’ll find out more next week.  So send out some prayers if you get a chance.

What else?  Oh, I informed my boss that I was pregnant and came out to him all at the same time.  He responded as I expected he would: “Congratulations!  And tell Jen congratulations!”  We have been friends longer than he has been my boss so we get along really well and I do my best to make him look good.  He’s one of about 14.5 employees at my 90 person company who aren’t socially archaic or religious extremists far right-winged.  He’s also snarky.  Like when he said “I can’t wait for you to tell the CEO”.  Gotta muster up the courage to do that one, sometime before my pants no longer fit.  Which, right now, are being eliminated faster than a game of musical chairs.  Why do I have to tell the CEO, you ask?  Well, because the CEO hired me 4 years ago, and because I’ve known his (far far right-winged) family since I was in college, and because I owe him the respect to let him know before he hears it through the grapevine.  It’s simply the right thing to do. 

At the end of the day, I think he’ll be fine.  But there are some vicious vicious women here who have been just awful to people.  And usually I wouldn’t care.  Except that I’m all full of hormones and I found myself tearing up over an insurance commercial profiling babies. 

And finally, only thirteen more progesterone shots.