Six days before my pregnancy test, my sister and I were having a conversation about Baptism (she, wanting to find a church to grow E! up in and to meet other young families) and whether or not to attend her high school Reunion (because beyond her old high school buddies, she didn’t want to run into the jerks who made asshole comments TEN. YEARS. AGO.)

Said I: “If you are going to choose a church based on where your in-law’s attend, then just go to their house and turn on Joel Osteen.  I mean seriously, you keep wanting to meet other people and then you keep putting yourself into tiny boxes labeled Family Members or Old High School Buddies.”

Said she: “Wow, you really aren’t yourself.  This is kind of cool.”

Said I: “Sorry, but I have no Lexi, my estrogen is plummeting from the 4700 level that it was, and I have a tablespoon of oil injected into my ass shortly after the alarm goes off every morning.  It’s kinda taking it’s toll.”

Said she: “Well, remember, I am an ESFJ, and not a INTJ like you.  I have no inclination to go off and be a leader or individual.  My virtues are loyalty, friendship, and family.”

“Effin WHAT-EVER,” I say, “grow some individuality.”

Said she: “You MUST be preggars.  Can you say M-O-O-D  S-W-I-N-G-S?

Questioned I: “How did I end up the only person in our family WITH A SPINE??”

Closed she: “Ask the mailman.”


It has been BEYOND WORDS to receive phone calls and flowers and cards and emails and messages of support and congratulations for our good neews.  Thank you ALL for that.  We definitely feel the love!  We even feel it from those few who have congratulated with Caution, like “you know, you might start with two, but it may not end up that way.” (As if I wasn’t already well aware of the risks in early pregnancy, scared shitless of them, after trying to get pregnant for FIFTEEN MONTHS and RESEARCHING EXTENSIVELY all the pros/cons risks/benefits in the year previous!)  And even from those who have cheered in the quietness of anonymity.  Thank you one, thank you all.

It feels like a red carpet is rolled out before us on this journey.  This is what celebrity must be like.  Oh, oh, OOHH! Speaking of celebrity! Guess which supahstah is my preggo buddy?  Can’t hold your breath any longer?  OK: The hotness that is HalleGeorgeousBerry.  Yup, she’s a few months ahead of me, so I’ll have to check in with her, get some tips.  Holla!


And lastly, my sister sent this video to me and with it, a note saying “This is how I felt when you told me that I was going to be a Tia.”  And, well, it pretty much sums up our feelings about being pregnant.