I came across an article called “8 Things No One Tells You About Being A Mom” on the internet. And I had to laugh about the “running in circles” part and the “you are not in control” part because I TOTALLY KNOW PEOPLE who either (a) were textbook Type A’s before children and now are not, or (b) are extremist cleaners/organizers and it will be quite fun to see them experience the clusterchaos of kids.

I sent the email to my sister and she says “it’s totally true, the whole thing.”

And I’m all “I bet! I mean, that picture of E! with her biter biscuit is proof enough that you just can’t keep a place squeeky clean!”

Biter Biscuit

“Yup,” she says “and that’s with me wiping her down…constantly. She already has the ‘Moommmm, STOP IT!’ face down.”

“Really? Wow! She is SO AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. How snark-E!”

“Whatever. She’s throwing things now when she doesn’t want them. Oh, and my favorite messy thing: She hits the spoon – ON PURPOSE – when it’s going into her mouth and she’s done. It gets everywhere. She’s more like feist-E!”