Came across this picture of Wayne Newton in a wax mold TMZ article naming (spoiler alert!) the next round of D-Listers to be on So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With The Stars, one or the other.  And when I saw the photo, I started thinking to myself “self? WHO does that remind me of?”  And then it hit me.: Kara friggin’ Lawson of the 2000-2003 Tennessee Lady Vols!  More specifically, Kara in 40 or so years with a combed-out grandma perm, porcelain veneers, and makeup.  Anyone who is a lesbian fan of women’s basketball would agree at the uncanny similarity.  And in my search to prove my point, I learned Ms. Lawson is engaged to her longterm boyfriend, which was almost as shocking as  Mr. Danke Shoen’s shelf-life.  Catty?  Maybe.  But whatever, I’m hormonal. 

0828_newton_fm_full lawson