A former co-worker now lives in Baku, Azerbaijan with her husband and two adopted children.  They moved there for the husband’s job.  He’s one of those genius engineering people that works for a global company figuring out new ways to more quickly exploit the earth’s natural resources for the purpose of bringing oil and gas to the West and thereby continuing to piss off the people in the MidEast.  Makes the world turn.  Anywho, she’s an overBaptist and so she always has interesting perspectives on the local folks and their customs.  Here’s a lighter look, well, sort of:

Everything’s fine here. Well, except for our neighbor who’s either in the mob or something like it (he’s Russian or Azeri – not sure yet). Rumor has it he roped a cat to his bumper and dragged it to death b/c it killed his kid’s rabbit – which was just romping around all over the yard, not in a cage.

Rumor also has it that he killed the wrong cat.

Nice. Anyway, he went around door to door asking people if they had a cat, then accused the people directly behind his house. Apparently it got ugly b/c they’re moving a few blocks to the other side of the neighborhood this week. The Company can’t really do anything to this guy as he is the housing developer in the neighborhood.

I’m keeping my eye on Niles and Frazier (the cats), and of course, the kids!