A client of the Beloved’s is a Personal Chef “on the side” and after an extensive interview process (we getting to know the process and cooking styles and she querying our palate and food preferences), we’ve decided to try this out. The great thing is we get very healthy cooking per our personal tastes without great effort in preparation on our part.

While “personal chef” may sound indulgent or expensive or altogether highbrow, after we ran the numbers, we figured out that the advantages calculated out as:

Personal Chef value > Co$t of Service + IF(Dining Out, (2 * $), IF(Eating In,((2 * $Groceries) + (Time * 2) x (Commute * 2)- Eating Late), Starve))

And let me just say, so far this has been a very, very, very good decision.

Teriyaki-Marinated Grilled Chicken Kebobs
Teriyaki-Marinated grilled chicken and summer vegetable kebobs served with organic Isaeli couscous made with sautéed sweet yellow onion, red bell pepper, garlic, and fresh Italian parsley.

Fish In A Bag
Fresh garlic, basil, and campari tomatoes over marinated Creole-spiced tilapia served with brown rice and sautéed scallions and French green bean and sweet pepper sautée.

Orange and mango marinated roasted pork tenderloin with an orange marmalade and fresh rosemary glaze served with baked sweet potato and mixed romaine salad.