r: Well, you’re the one all sweating when the doctor is in your face.

b (sister): You should see him.

r: What, does he look like Brad Pitt?  I would sweat around Brad Pitt.

b: Plus, I don’t like people I don’t know in my Box…especially men.  It makes me nervous.

r: How big is your Box?

b: Definitely past the span of my arms if I were to twirl in a circle.

r: o.k., and HANG WITH ME HERE…I’m a pisces…so I’m a fish…I like to take two showers a day…we have a stand up glass shower thingy…I call it my Fish Tank…

    SHUT UP.  Anyway…

    One morning, J is all singing and talking and going on and on because SHE’S HAD HER COFFEE.  And for me, the morning shower is like my coffee….and I was finally all, “J, YOU’RE TAPPING ON MY GLASS!!”  Like at restaurants?  When there’s a sign telling you not to tap on the glass of the fish tank?  Same thing.  Plus, my Box is both physical space and mental space.

b: Did you lose your colors, too?  That happens to fish when they get stressed.

r: I get brighter, as you can imagine.  Also, remember from the movie, “Finding Nemo”, when the porcupine fish in The Tank Gang, Bloat, gets all excited and POOF! he blows up and starts floating to the top of the tank? 

b: yeah.

r: I do that.