Go Texans!
The Houston Texans versus Chicago Bears, 08.11.07.

Our Back Neighbors took us to the pre-season football game as their guests as a gift for the Beloved’s birthday. By the way, didn’t the football season just end?? We got to the stadium a few hours early with the intentions of tailgating. Had the tent set up, the food laid out and everything.


And then a storm cloud, something missing from the Houston skies for the last 10 days (just ask my plants!), dropped on by. So in no-time-flat, we disassembled everthing, and finished out our tailgating adventure in the comforts of the Back Neighbors’ car. Which was fun, because it was kinda like going to a drive-in theatre, except that people didn’t shuuuushhh us for talking.

Speaking of talking, Football games are fun. You get to see things in action, which can be better than watching it on TV or, and this is how I feel by the end of the season, not watching at all.

Although I go for the sporting event itself (cheerleading is a sport, right?), one also gets to see things like this heartwarming shot.
Even more feel-goody is the way People Come Together at this kind of thing. The Gang (and I”m not just talking about a group of people, if you know what I mean) that was tailgating across from us needed a knife (which might otherwise had made me nervous?), except they taught us how you can use it to open a beer bottle. And when they needed a plastic bag, we gladly provided one. And when the storm came and started to blow the tent away, a stranger helped us hold it down until we could get a hold of it.

Not that I had been nervous at all. After all, these folks very well could have been extended family members of mine. But, I like these events because they bring people together, interacting with one another, that in the community in general, might not have otherwise come in contact due to fears or socioeconomic or geographic barriers, or prejudicial assumptions or bits and pieces of all those things. The Common Cause (granted, in this case, a football game) seems to diffuse tensions and keeps people getting along and helping each other out. And I think in some small way, barriers are broken down in our mutual and relative perceptions, and we maybe go home and peel off a couple layers of that box we keep people in. And that makes not just the cheerleaders a beautiful thing.