Dig deep into the recesses of your TNT channel archives, those lazy Sunday afternoons when they’re showing a back-to-back-to-back threepeat of The Hunt For Red October, and recall the point in time just before you fell asleep to the sonar where they take the submarine down really low and go on super silent stealth mode to go find that thing or hide from that other country or whatever they did. Member?Well, this is kinda like that: I’ve decided that for the remainder of this IVF process, I will refrain from posting detailed details about our IVF process such as follicle count, size, estradiol results, etc. Instead, if any mention is made, it’ll be in generalities.Like this: Things are tracking relatively well. In terms of follicles,  what’s there is what’s there. I’m not going to stress about it.  I do recognize that not every follicle will contain an egg, not every egg will fertilize, and not every fertilized egg will form a good quality embryo. And all of that is normal and not an indication of failure on the part of me or my body. But, my hope, and our prayer, is that we will have 1-2 quality embryos to transfer back in some time before the end of the month.I recognize that this is a bit of an ironic position to take, since of course, the whole reason the blog was started was to chronicle this whole journey in the first place. But at some point when I came up for air from a depression, I made a commitment to Not Obsess About Every Tiny Detail, a position I took up with either a fortune cookie or a New Year’s Resolution, I can’t remember which. Wait. Or was it Lexapro induced, this decision of sanity? Yes, I think it was. Thus, in so doing, I must back off the provision of excruciating details thereof. This is not to say, however, that I am stressed or teetering upon Obsession now.Am I? Am I? Am I?No, if anything, I am so effin’ relaxed I actually forgot to give myself my medication yesterday morning. My, what a difference a fourteen months makes. It’s tricky, though. We continue to desire/need/request the continued support through well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. And we hope that those involved, be it directly or peripherally, known, or unknown, will continue to do so despite this turning down the spicket of information divulged. I can only say that, for the time being, this seems the proper path. And I hope that that will be understood. And anyway, what with the vast array of randomalities, dog pictures, daily goings-on, and the thinkings that swim through my head, plenty ‘o posts will be taped up for window shopping!Which brings me to a final thought for today, and that goes sorta like this: If nothing else, this journey to conception has been elightening, in a manner that has extended far beyond the journey to conception, itself. I’ve learned brand new, or realized anew, things applicable across our lives in general…and this is just a few things off the top of my head here:

  • things cannot be gone at it alone, and it’s a bonus to have a gang of sherpas behind you, 
  • to be rallied behind inspires great Hope in self and others, 
  • there is more than just myself that desires my dreams to come true and coming from someone who’s been afraid to share their dreams, I can’t tell you how good that feels, 
  • it is better to risk it all and feel the warmth of support, than to remain in safety through fear, 
  • faith and prayer are exponential in their results, even when those results may not be the one’s you expected, 
  • we have the support and love of our family and friends, with whom we could not do without. 

Hands down, we are blessed beyond measure.