Bailey Mosaic 07.17.07

Bailey is the pride and joy of my sweet brother-in-law and his beautiful wife.  Not to mention smittenizing her grandparents, and other persons who get to see her.  WHICH HAS NOT INCLUDED US!  But that’s mostly because they live in a not-so-easy-to-get-to part of Louisiana and between the brother-in-law’s work schedule and the Beloved’s work schedule, visitation attempts have been clumsy and unsuccessful. But dammit, we’ll see her and love on her yet!

For comparison purposes, I’ve included a photo of spawn from the same paternal line, featuring the Baileybug babydaddy on the right.

B Family Progeny

Notice the similarity of the mooshy puppy dog eyes these siblings have with Baileybug – that signature identifier of the in-laws’ clan.  These eyes can sell ice to an Eskimo.  Or make you fall in love.  Or such a distinction could incriminate them in a line-up.  Not that that has ever happened.