We are the recent recipients of the Reader’s Digest Complete Do It Yourself Manual for home repairs.  Of course, I am the only one reading it.  But that’s one of a few of the things I got from my dad:  unending curiosity about how things work, a nack for details, cheap enough to rather figure it out than pay someone else to figure it out, a cover-to-cover instruction manual reader, and a general nerdiness.  Proof?  The books on my night stand include the aforementioned, a daily devotional, and a book on digital photography.  The Beloved’s nightstand?  Runner’s World & US Weekly.

I haven’t read too far into the chapter on Electrical.  But I did read the intro which clearly stated DO NOT TOUCH FALLEN LINES.  Which came in handy when we were nearly swept away by yesterday’s storms.  I’m telling you, I’ve been in Category 3 Hurricane’s that had NOTHING on the rain, wind, and hail that came a-knockin’ about 6:30 yesterday evening.  I was sitting at my computer when I heard what I thought to be a tree limb fall.  Turns out, it was some kind of electrical line.   Or so I thought.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

With a line drooping 5 feet from the ground, and then only because the fence was holding it up, I do the proper thing and call 3-1-1 and find out who I should report the incident to.  They ask: is your power on?  Yes, I say.  They direct me to Centerpoint Energy, who tells me that they’ll get to it in about 3 hours, which would have been around 10pm.  Fine with me.  Everything is working, anyway.

At 3:30 AYE EM, the doorbell rings.  THIS IS WHY I SLEEP WITH CLOTHES ON.    It’s the energy guy.  I direct him to the back yard and I meet him there.  I show him the line.  And clearly, he had not read the Reader’s Digest Complete Do It Yourself Manual for home repairs because HE GRABBED THE LINE and said “this one?”

I stood in silence, weighted both by my embarrassment, and the humidity.  It was the sound of the mosquito sucking my blood that brought me to.  “Call your cable company”, he says.  Uh.  Ok.  Sorry.

I have some more reading to do.