In the last couple months, we’ve spent some time doing various house projects.  I had mentioned previously the landscaping work we had done.   I’ve subscribed to Real Simple magazine to learn how to get organized and put things away, but I haven’t had a chance to actually READ the magazines. I’ve got a long way to go in the ways of decorating skills, so in the meantime, I printed some photos I had taken, bought some frames, and re-organized the built-in shelves in the living room like so.DSC_0004.JPGWe also purchased a lamp for the living room (orange, of course, as that is my favorite color), and I framed it with photos of the dogz, Maggie (left) and Molly (right), as shown here:DSC_0013.JPGThe week between Christmas and New Years was spent building shelves and a workbench for the garage from scratch.  That was a ton of fun.  Saws and power tools and cool weather. 

Garage Project
The drainage issue has been the biggest (and most expensive) project we’ve done hired someone else to do.  It required a sump pump system.  Prior to the installation, when it rained, the perimeter/yard would be saturated and/or have standing water all around it, like these pictures show.


Now, there are little catch-boxes and drain hats and rain gutters going directly to underground pipe that pumps water out of the yard, leaving our yard nice and dry (and allowing us to take the dogs out immediately after a rain, instead of sending them off in an ark). Of course, all this ditch-making left the postage-stamp backyard/landscaping a muddy mess.  mudOur yard is very small, so I didn’t think it would take that long to re-sod it and plant some plants to hide the sump cover.  Boy was I mistaken!  I do believe the yard expanded underneath my feet.  And speaking of which, we also put some flagstones in between the ‘porch’ and the area where we keep the grill.  I went to Home Depot and Houston Home & Garden Center no less than six times.  I think the guy at plant place thought I was stalking him.  Our little project took us all weekend.  But the kind of sleep you get after that kind of work is absolutely scrumptious.  Here is an after pictures of the back.  Those brown spots to the right of the oak tree are where we put down topsoil to even out the terrain.  And those little black squares are catch boxes that take water to the sump pump hidden behind the butterfly iris at the bottom left. We’ve had no shortage of rain since putting the sod down, so here’s to hoping the grass takes hold.DSC_0035.JPGAnd while I’m at it, I might as well show you the work we had done in master bathroom after the ceiling cracked in the bedroom beneath it.  Apparently there was a leak.  I’ve sorta blocked the experience since it’s what put me on cruise control to my depression.  Well, that, a laparoscopy, and six unsuccessful pregnancy attempts.  But here’s some before and after’s of that.  mosaic154802.jpg

I even changed out a light switch all by myself!  (Of course, now the fan won’t come on unless the bath light is ALSO on, but whatever.)  Next, I hope to install dimmers in the living room.  And we also need to have the ceiling fan replaced.

The last project we have is the second guest bedroom, we soon hope to be the nursery.  It used to be a junk room, but now all that is either thrown out, or stuffed in drawers, or put away.  Not wanting the room to be too bare, we’ve left some bookshelves with some kid trinkets.  Hopefully, we’ll be pressing forward with this room by fall.    Yep, there it is.  Our hopes right out there in the open.