IVF Cycle So-Far Recap:

May 7: I  was directed to take birth control pills from May 7-16, in an apparent effort to either curtail an immaculate conception, or supress the ovaries.  Alright, it was the latter, but I’m prone to create fantasy, a byproduct of my keen ability to disassociate.  Like from the fear of this not working!  It will be a great little skill for make-believe play time with the kid! 

May 12: I forgot to order my Lupron which was to begin on May 14 so instead I’m instructed to remain on BCPs until May 23. 

May 21:  Begin the Lupron injections and dexmethasone pills.  Very much a part of this process, the Beloved does the injections and lays out my pills.  I have to watch my behavior now, particularly around shot-time.  Especially given the recent query thrown my way “When do I start giving you the shots in your butt?”

May 31:  Anyway, up to this point, I’ve been hesitant to write anything specific about the process because that means this process is REAL!  And if it’s REAL then my FEARS might come true! Like this morning’s supression check: I only have 8 antral follicles.  That’s it!  And as a fucking bonus, I have 2 cysts.  Two.  One on each side.  My E2 (estrogen) level is 158.  Which is high.  They usually like to see it below 50 which indicates little activity.  Rather than aspirate the cysts, we’re going to double my Lupron (ovarian/estrogen activity supression drugs) and check back in a week.  This MAY or MAY NOT resolve the cysts, but it’s certainly less invasive.  If they’ve shrunk, we’ll start stims on the 9th.  If not, well, we either supress another week, or cancel the cycle and start over with the next one. 

I’m not supposed to stress.  Uh, ok, whatever.  But seriously, I’ve received several encouraging and chuckley notes from some sherpas and it is helping me feel better about all this.  Here’s a sampling:

  • There’s still a chance to completely turn this around 

  • Try to relax and realize this is in god’s hands and you will end up with a baby.  And likewise… don’t believe EVERYTHING on the internet 🙂  
  • May I suggest cutting your hair into a mohawk and piercing your nose.
  • It is only natural that you would be scared but the most important thing right now is for you to stay positive.  So if that means turning off your computer (WHAT!?) and ignoring the internet…then do it.  Science is science but faith also plays an important role.  I love you and I will continue to keep you and your follicles in my prayers. 
  • It’s in God’s hands and he knows the desires of your heart.

And Oh, and we ordered our donor.  He is 6’1″, 195 lb with brown wavy hair, hazel/green eyes, with whipped cream and a cherry on top!