What a weekend it was, in a pay-it-forward kind of way.

Sunday, we enjoyed dinner on a breezy patio at a local burger joint.
Before that, prompted by the beloved, we bought some dinner for a homeless guy on a streetcorner.
Which happened after I met the guy that this story starts ends with in a church parking lot to hand over a camcorder in exchange for cash.

But not before we finished the back yard project (before/after pictures later).
Which was completed using plants I purchased at a local nursery on Saturday.
Where I gave a couple my $10 off coupon that I wasn’t going to use.
Where I had gone to shortly after a nice guy at AutoZone replaced my car battery for me.
Where I went directly after a nice employee at San Jacinto Stone jumped my car.
Which happened because my car died while I was there buying flagstones for the so-we-don’t-always-step-in-dog-poo walkway in the back yard.
Which is where I had gone after I had a morning run at the park at 8:30am.
Which was after I had agreed, via email, to sell a camcorder for 25% less than my asking price on Craigslist–because it seemed the right thing to do in this case.
Convinced as such because the guy wanting to buy it was a social worker/CEO buying it for his youth programs.

Which I read about after he directed me to his non-profit’s website that teaches kids about art and multimedia, and offers mentoring to promote educational interest in math, reading, and technology.  

And they say what goes around, comes around.
Not that I need that as an incentive.
But if I hadn’t listed on Craigslist and my car battery hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have met such geniune and considerate people.
I saw the world in a better place.