I remember the first time I ever smoked pot.  I was a sophomore in college, at a Southern Baptist university.  So help me God, I am still asking forgiveness for that.  Not for smoking pot, but for attending such a narrow-minded place.   

Anyway, I had a friend who had a cool 2nd story apartment.  Right next to a police substation.  We lit candles and pulled up our bean bags and got the accessories together.  When we started passing the bong among the three of us, a Eurythmics album was in the CD player.  And after what seemed like an eternity, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” came on.  FINALLY!  I loved that song.  And I especially loved it HIGH.  I remember being all “I have been waiting FOR-EV-ER for this song to come on!” and my friend who’s apartment it was saying, as he chuckled, “it’s song number six!  it’s only been like twenty minutes!” 

With such fond memories of time standing still, I found this video freakin’ hilarious.