I got tagged by Meg to provide seven facts or habits, but I don’t think I know seven bloggers who haven’t already been tagged.  So here’s my contribution:


1. I don’t mind change.  I’ve had 2 careers and trained for a third since finishing graduate school.  Since high school, I’ve lived in 13 different locations in 4 cities. No, I am not running from the IRS.

2. My new favorite color is orange. I call it my “new” favorite color because my favorite color was lavender through about 16 years old and then I went through a hunter green stage for the ensuing eight or so years.  But I’m hanging on to orange for a good while.  It’s become my signature color.

3. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4.  I took lessons off and on until I was 12ish.  I have a beautiful baby grand.  I won’t play in front of people—it’s something very private to me.  However, if I could learn stride, a style of piano playing primarily used in jazz, I would definitely play for people, like all the time.  I just can’t seem to find an instructor! 

4. I sleep with a fan blowing at my face – even in winter.  I like the breeze and, living in a transitional urban area, the consistency of the sound helps drown out dogs, gunfire, and ambulances.

5. Things I still want to learn/do, among others: go to culinary school, learn to play the cello, get training to be house appraiser, learn the science behind good gardening, go to law school, be a car mechanic apprentice, learn how to build a house, learn HTML/coding.

6. I take at least two showers a day.  The morning one serves the same purpose as having amphetamines coffee.  The evening one is like that Ambien warm glass of milk before bed. 

7. I change out of my work clothes as soon as I get home.  I’ve done this as long as I’ve been working.