To Have And To Hold, April 21, 2007.

My maternal grandmother, The Matriarch of the family, died thirteen years ago. But she is very much still here. And while it may seem a little awkward that I mention the deceased on a post celebrating my big Brother’s wedding, hang with me a moment more.

My grandmother was spry, strong-willed, beautiful, smart, tough, benevolent, loved her naps, and was chock full of Love. Love followed her around like a puppy and she gave it freely to those who wanted it, and more so, to those who needed it. Though she is gone from the physical world, there are two* ways that I continue to feel my grandmother’s presence in a very strong, very real way. And the second way I feel her presence is by being around my big Brother.

You see, my Brother has my grandmother’s heart. I am not sure how the transplant took place. It’s miraculous, really. He has her compassion, sense of equality, playfulness, sensitivity, and capacity for Love. All kindsa fulla Love. And yet, he is all “dude” with the big truck, affinity for fishing and camping, a wardrobe that needs some metrosexualizing, and his firefighter profession. So for this sweet woman—who my sister and I have seamlessly adopted as another sister—to find all this wrapped up in one person is truly a gift. Except the thing is, she is just as wonderful, as evidenced by the fact that if she sits still long enough, you can actually see honey dripping off of her.

So after what seemed like a marathon of bridal showers and Day Of Beauty Spreadsheets.xls (I am NOT even kidding), my big Brother got married to a wonderful (and very organized!) woman on Saturday. In fact, let me just say I am no longer the most Type A person in the family. Truly, by comparison, I am merely one step up from a sloth in terms if efficiency and organization.

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was filled with the laughter and joy of family and friends. I am of the belief that all the angels in heaven are surely pleased with the joining of these two. There was enough Love in the place to keep an entire city from feeling alone for at least a year. AT LEAST. So much so, it wouldn’t surprise me if a handful of angels were there soaking up some Love to pass along. Maybe even grandma.

*I also wear the perfume my grandmother wore. So she is with me daily.