Under normal circumstances, the aforementioned would be an appalling declaration. But trying THIS HARD to conceive is far from normal. The statements made by the reproductive endocrinologist at our IVF consult were met with the frantic nodding of my head like ‘yeah, ok, that sounds great, I can’t wait!’ And that is because this is all a part of the side-effects of drugs that will attempt to make my ovaries produce more follicles in a few weeks than they would in nearly a TWO YEAR block of time. Which makes me want to go buy elastic pants just thinking about it. But all for the purpose of trying to make a baby. Because my biological clock is ticking with the quietude of a repeatly broken sound barrier, and with the rhythm of that annoying song you can’t get out of your head.

We find confidence in the competence of our physicians. The co-medical directors of the clinic and have been named Texas Super Doctors and were recently recognized as two of Houston’s Top Doctors, Exclamation Point! Their medical backgrounds are riddled with achievements, and although not found in their bios, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they had spent time in the Peace Corp somewhere behind enemy lines, volunteering the heck out of a community stateside, weekend marathoners, national chairs of their respective college-days greek organizations, winners of Beauty of Everything pageants, and two years away from unlocking the secrets of world peace somewhere in the intracellular structures of a day 3 embryo. They just seem to be that kind of people.

So here we go. Like NEXT week. I cannot recall the last time I was this simultaneously apprehensive and enthusiastic.