Unbelievably tacky, but true nonetheless. Martha Stewart would be so disappointed. But I digress. The Beloved gave up sweets for Lent. And to the general population, that might seem like a copout or something “easy”. Like saying “I’m only going to hit the snooze button 3 times tomorrow instead of for an hour”. But to a small, afflicted population, giving up sweets is on par with “let me just whip up a tornado real quick” or moving mountains or some other act of God. And so, with pride, and sheer celebration, I offer to you that my Beloved stuck to her commitment, with extravagant resolve. The same commitment I could not keep with giving up carbs. But I digress. Because the second point of this was to share the day-after-Easter byproduct of this Herculean effort.

1. Maggie, the repentant dog, picking up a Hershey’s Dark Chocolate egg that the Beloved dropped in front of the pantry and bringing it to the living room and dropping it at my feet before trying to gingerly tear off the foil.
2. Molly, the glutton dog, pooh-ing yellow Reeces chocolate egg wrappers from the Beloved having left a bag of candy on the floor. (I’ll spare you the photo). We didn’t know which one ate them, but it was easy to tell the next morning.
3. Finding Bit O Honey wrappers – 2 of them – inside the nook of my towel hanging over the shower, as evidenced below:

Bit O Honey