…and you are in charge of getting as many of the groceries as you can. Having said that, however, please DO NOT stray from the contents. For example, for the Italian Dressing, please do not purchase the Middle Eastern Flaired Italian Dressing With Steeped Oregano Stuffed Roasted Red Peppers And Cumin. Or for the Ham, do not instead fall to the Pepper Encrusted Boars Head Olive Injected Honey Glazed Ham With Pimento & Salsa. Or for the Balsamic Vinegar, do not listen when the Rasberry Puree Balsamic Vinegar Aged In Dry White Wine allegedly calls your name. Please just get what is ON the list. If you find yourself tempted otherwise, step away from the shopping cart immediately and call Becky or me, day or night, to talk you off the ledge. These things CAN be helped. More words on the label does not mean the results will taste better nor will it make the presentation look prettier.

Your Kitchen Nazi Daughter