My grandfather, Agapito, with his companion..

My maternal grandfather is one of a kind. He is a spitfire who insists you call him on his cell phone – because he doesn’t know if he might take a road trip. He is long retired, but continues to be, among other things, an artist, musician, and a terrible driver with a great sense of humor. He plays golf just about every day. Several months ago, he accidentally stepped into a pothole on the golf course, twisted his knee, and tore his ACL. It was repaired through arthroscopic surgery but he doesn’t do his physical therapy — because it interferes with his golf. Mind you, he is 78-YEARS OLD. He now needs a knee replacement but is stubbornly resisting because recovery would require he use a walker for a while and HE DOESN’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE AN OLD MAN! Oh, and just as a reminder: he is 78-YEARS OLD! I know my strong-will comes from my mom’s side, but I hope that kind of youthful exuberance will too.