Until Eternity
The Valentine’s card from my Beloved, 2007.

This, among the many things we say to one another that gives us full membership into the club of Super Sappy Nerds. But it is what it is. Truth is, pretty much every day is like Valentine’s Day. Each day I can’t imagine having more love and affection for my beloved that I already do, and there I go the next morning, with more. The density of all this is so great, I would surely fall to the bottom of the ocean in a freak of physics, but instead, the love fills me up and sends me soaring with birds on a cool, sunny day.

The morning of the 14th brought for me a homemade card with the word “Eternity” upon it. The second “t” is with a golf tee—my beloved is a Class A PGA/LPGA (golf) instructor. On the inside was a picture from our wedding day . And the words “that’s how long I’ll love you”. And to that I say, “And after that.” Infinity factorial, no backs.