Lots of outlying areas have roads that are closed. I think they were actually dumping sand on some parts of the highway last night as I was driving home – Houston wasn’t selected the Most Prepared City (in Texas) To Deal With A Disaster for nothing, you know.

You would think the weather people were auditioning for a soap opera. The forecasts are shown with all the drama of the daytime soaps, even the anticipatory dramatic music scores. The only thing missing is that one-person-standing-just-behind-and-to-the-side. This guy wins for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series, though. Last night, he made sure to show what Appeared to be Snow falling in the illumination of a street light, but quickly pulled a CYA by stating “of course, it melts as soon as it hits the ground!”. Yeah, can we just admit it’s Sleet?

It’s cold here for here, that’s for sure. But honestly, anything under 40 with precipitation feels the same to me. I wrapped pipes two nights ago like I knew what I was doing. I appeared competent in every way, but the dogs watched me disappointingly as if to say “We know the truth.” I modeled the Wrapping after what I learned in high school about wrapping ankles after a sprain. Those pipes may still freeze, but they’re stable! It must be working, though. I think the high yesterday was around 34 and it hovered around freezing last night. Road conditions were supposedly icy this morning, but the good thing about never leaving for work on time is that plenty of other people have gotten on the road and melted the ice for me.