I have been quite under the weather, having spiked a fever last night like one I had not had since adolescence. Thankfully, my team of Sherpas came through again: stronger antibiotics, tylenol for the fever, gatorade. I woke up this morning feeling 100% better which puts me at almost 40% of my regular self.

We had our IUI this morning. Strong swimmers and lots of them. Lots of follicles, too. Six. Doctor “warned” of high order multiples, but it’s hard to see beyond the Zero we’d fertilized so far in Five tries. So much was so right about having done this today. We have a good feeling, even if I am feeling less than half my self.

This afternoon, we spent Thanksgiving Dinner with some friends who graciously accepted our invitation to invite ourselves over. Lead Sherpa did our “sides” cooking. I am so proud of her.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am so blessed there are not words to capture my sentiment. Today, as every day, I am thankful for

Health–the health we have and getting it back when we don’t
Friends–those that stand by and walk with
Family–biological and chosen [see Friends]
Miracles–that I would be so blessed to have those above

A friend (and member of Sherpa team) once said this to me, and I quote, “I love my sister and I do a lousy job of showing her how proud, and special she makes me feel and she loves me anyway, and she feels at least a little of it. In my mind, if she felt it all she would be reduced to ashes from the glow from me.”

It has moved me from the moment it was written. It is how I feel about those I Love.