And let me first start by saying that I got the term from Our Baby Please who got it from Lesbian Dad and it means by and large the supportive partners of pregnant women. And secondly, let me add that I have found the term “Sherpa” completely applicable even though I am not yet pregnant.

But I must preface by saying what got me thinking about sherpas in the first place was this documentary I saw about Yuichiro Miura, a man who is also known as “The Man Who Skied Down Everest”. He had HUNDREDS of sherpas carrying his equipment, scientific study equipment, even an exercise bike. Miles into the sky, where the air is thin and you get frostbite and it’s cold all the time, walking on ground that could give way at any moment. Eight of the sherpas died on the ascent. It got me thinking about how these Sherpas, these selfless individuals, simply Do and Are, and are willing to lay their lives down for the journey.

Well, it’s not THAT dramatic here, but I can honestly say that I have a fabulous team of Sherpas on this journey to conception. My lead Sherpa, my Partner, MY Sherpa, is the most important of the bunch and does so much when I cannot. And anticipates my needs. And meets them. I am so grateful. And she helps to direct our team of sherpas who have been so helpful along the way so far–in prayer, running errands, Being There, Listening, supporting, laughing.

This is no journey done alone. And I’ve got a great team for the summit.