It’s interesting how the same section of time can pass like quicksand and molasses at the same time. Like how if you’ve ever tried to buy airline tickets on Priceline only to put in a bid so far under a reasonable amount that you then have to wait twenty-four hours before you can bid again after your bid gets rejected.

Within two days, I knew the timing was so far off that it would not succeed. But yet…I have to WAIT before I can try again. So not only do I suffer through the “two week wait”, but suffer without even the Hope of it being one of those elusive 1 in 5 chances in each cycle of getting pregnant. That’s how time is like molasses. In the same period of time, my uncle has passed away after a brief battle with an aggressive and cruel cancer, my mom and her friend came to visit for a weekend, work has been crazy busy, I’ve resigned from the Board of Trustees of a non-profit, and I’ve visited with friends and family I had not seen in a very long time. That’s how time has been like quicksand.

And so I end up somewhere in between fast and slow, moving fluidly through this thing called time, feeling blessed for each moment and with a thoughts of another “try” in the left back burner of my mind.