I thought I was pregnant with kittens when my mom was pregnant with my sister–because my belly would growl…I loved my Light Bright…I loved playing Battleship with my brother…I liked to sit outside and smell the air before a rainstorm…I’d spend hours “dubbing” tapes…My neighbor and I would play NORAD after school, pretending we were in charge of the nuclear bomb and we wore lab coats (her mom was a therapist) and a phone painted red (that dialed directly to the President, of course) and every time, just before I had to go home for dinner, we’d stick a key in a hole in the wall, call the President for passcode verification, and bomb Russia…I’d practice playing the piano with my eyes closed in case I ever went blind…I could never figure out how swim the Butterfly…I was on the neighborhood swim team, but I was secretly afraid of water…I hated it when we were winning by a lot of runs and the softball game would get called on the 10-run-rule…I hated it when games were cancelled due to weather…I built elaborate marble tracks out of my Disney books and anything else I could find…I loved the color Lavender…I used duct tape to mark a strike zone on a brick wall of my house and practice pictching…I thought I’d get smart if I read Scientific American (I didn’t, but I sure did learn a lot)…I practiced my tennis volleys against the garage…My favorite part of the school year was school supply shopping…I loved my queen size bed and sateen sheets…I remember the smell and the coolness of the grass when my neighbor and I would wrestle in the front yard…I wrote a 50 page short story about a black hole…I would spend hours in the front yard practicing basketball in a version of “Horse” by playing Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious. No kidding…I had a nap mat in preschool with Mickey Mouse on it…Science was my favorite subject…I loved the Match N’ Play card matching game…I would play tennis 8 hours a day during the summer of 1987…I had a diary with a kitten picture on front (how I wish I could find that thing!)…I remember eating Hot Fries and drinking Crush during the lifeguard breaks at the neighborhood pool…I remember going to Castle Golf & Games I’d play Tron & NightRider…I had to get allergy shots every day…Sometimes when playing the piano, I’d try and “trick my brain” by playing the treble clef with my left hand and the bass clef with my right hand…I never held my pencils and pens correctly…Highlights Magazine for kids!!…I would tame and love all the neighborhood cats…I loved our family Thanksgiving trip to Garner State Park with the Vela family…Third-Grade was my favorite school year…Slumber parties were so much fun!…I loved Cherry Kool-Aid…I loved to listen to the wind…When I was bored in school, I’d go over “patterns” in my head for beating Ms. Pac Man. (By the way, my lack of focus had some use since I’ve never come across anyone that can beat me!)…Joust was hard, though…My brother and I would throw Chinese stars at the fence…The first time I saw hail, I thought it was hundreds of tiny rabbits jumping out of the grass…My sister drove me nuts (and she’s now one of my best friends)…My family would watch M*A*S*H and Three’s Company together…I loved the school book fairs…My favorite shows were Quincy M.E. and St. Elsewhere…I had an albino hamster named Shmu…I would drawing things with circles on my Etch-A-Sketch…I couldn’t wait to be an adult..

Now I am happily surprised with opportunities to be a kid again.