Today marks the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In so many ways, it seems like forever ago, but all I need to is pick up the phone and talk to my beloved friends who live in New Orleans and I know that not much has changed. I moved to New Orleans to go to graduate school and stayed two years past that to do a post-graduate administrative fellowship at Tulane Hospital & Clinic. In those four years, I met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known!
In April 2004, we had our rehersal dinner on the lakefront at a fun restaurant that served awesome crawfish. It was called Jaeger’s and we took a picture then (above w/DP (C) and sister (L)). On a given day when the weather was summerish, boats would dock up to the restaurant and you’d get this ecclectic mix of young partiers, and old locals, rich and poor, all together. Katrina wiped it off the map. (above, pilings). We went to New Orleans for Thanksgiving last year to visit family and friends and drove around. I’ve also included pictures of a ‘tent city’ that came up, where locals slept in tents in a park (Marigny district east of French Quarter) because their homes were destroyed. The last picture is of the typical condition of homes at that time, near the UNO campus. A year later, some progress has been made, but ask anyone there and they’ll tell you not nearly enough. There are some wonderful, amazing, gifted, determined folks living down there, and we’re honored, privileged and blessed to call several of them friends. Today, I say a special prayer for my brothers and sisters of South Louisiana, those who passed away, those who survived, those who are trying to survive a year later, and those who have remained and take their part in rebuilding. My adopted city, I love you.